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SKC Photo rotation on this page (To the right of NEWS)
Posted By: Sassy's Taverns - Last Edited: Mar 10, 2018 
Your KJ photo will appear in the Space Coast Karaoke home page rotation if you meet the following criteria:

You must have a local event in the SCK calendar
scheduled sometime in the next three days.

Your photo must appear in your Karaoke SCK page.

Here's how it works:

The rotation is populated by a piece of code that builds a list of the events occurring in the next 72 hours, and discards those having bands that lack a picture on their SCK band page (nothing to show, so it skips those). Assuming you have a picture loaded on your band page, if three days or less ahead of one of your bookings in the SCK Calendar, you bring up the SCK home page and keep hitting F5/Refresh, you should see an appropriate notice for your gig displayed.

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