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Free “Log-on” accounts for KJ’s and Venues
Posted By: Sassy's Taverns - Last Edited: Nov 27, 2018 

Listings of Karaoke events on the Space Coast Karaoke Calendar for all KJ’s and Venues is and will always be FREE of charge. Send us your Karaoke show schedule to and we will post it to the Calendar.

Better yet, ask us to set you up with a sub-admin Log-on account that will let you add, edit, and delete your own entries in the calendar. That ensures your information is as up-to-date as possible. It also allows you the freedom to edit the 'host' or 'venue' page that applies to you.

Once listed on the Space Coast Karaoke Calendar, you can further promote your Karaoke events by linking to your ‘host’ or ‘venue’ page URL on your own website, or place a link to it in your E-mail signature line.

If you want more information about direct links or sub-admin access, send us a note. It's FREE advertising for you!

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